About Unit for Student with Disability


Our university has been making efforts to create an accessible environment in cooperation with people with disabilities or in need of speacial arrangements for learning. Mainly focusing on physical facilities, instructors and support personnel, the main objective of these efforts is to take the necessary measures to ensure that all students equally benefit from educational facilities and participate in campus life, and to eliminate difficulties and remove barriers that might negatively affect the campus life and the learning porcess of students with disabilities and different learning needs. It is the main duty of Unit for Students with Disability is to remove all barriers that affect a student whose academic and social life at İstanbul Bilgi University is being impeded or complicated as a result of a visible or invisible, chronic or acute health problem or learning disorder.

Unit for Student with Disability supports the following efforts to ensure that each and every student fully enjoys the facilities offered by the university in their entirety: 

  •  Works to arrange and improve all on-campus physical facilities for the purpose of removing barriers that might affect people with disabilities.
  • It provides support for the improvement and diversification of learning resources for the solution of students with attention deficit (hyperactivity) and learning difficulties (dyslexia) and to improve exam opportunities.
  • Cooperates with relevant units to improve physical, social and academic conditions on all campuses in accordance with the “Accessible BİLGİ” vision.
  • Makes the necessary arrangements for improving transportation facilities and guidance and counselling services.
  • Manages and participates in social and academic initiatives for the creation of an Accessible BİLGİ in particular, and an accessible world in general.