UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

General Comments of the Committee

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities publishes General Comments to provide guidance regarding the scope and interpretation of the Convention. 


General Comment No. 3: Art. 6 - Women and Girls with Disabilities (26 August 2016)

The General Comment highlights the multiple discrimination experienced by women and girls with disabilities and underscores steps to be taken to enable women and girls with disabilities to enjoy equal rights and freedoms.

General Comment No. 2: Art. 9 - Accessibility (11 April 2014)

The Committee in its General Comment on accessibility, on one hand underlines the fact that accessibility obligations are not limited to the built architectural environment and on the other hand explains the relationship between accessibility and reasonable accommodation.

General Comment No. 1: Article 12 - Equal Recognition Before the Law (11 April 2014)

The General Comment is an authoritative interpretation of art. 12 of the Convention, which replaces deprivation of capacity with "supported decision-making mechanisms", allowing persons with disabilities to give their own decisions.